The Archetypal Journey

Are you more drawn to any archetype than another.”

The Hero’s Journey… thoughts and notes from…..

  • Awakening the Hero’s Within by Carol Pearson

Archetypes can be thought of as inner guides that help us on our various journeys through out our stay here on earth. Each has a lesson to teach us and each also can preside over various stages as we grow and develop.

We can find them by going inward … solitude, dreams, internal conversations, reflections, meditation or going outward…to myth, legend, art, literature, religion or as Pagan cultures did to constilations in the sky, in totems, in nature and animals.–

Although… we are hero’s at every stage of the journey, how we define and experience heroism is affected by which inner guide is most active in our lives.



  • *PREPARATION: During this stage we are challenged to prove our competence, courage, our humanity, and our fidelity to high ideals. Person’s first 4 archetypes can be seen as inner guides that help us prepare for the journey.


  • *INNOCENT- We begin here…and can learn optimism and trust.
    • Fear- abandonment Gift- Trust


  • *ORPHAN- after the “fall”, disappointed, abandoned, betrayed by life.
  • The orphan teaches us that we need to provide for and take care of ourselves.
    • Fear- Exploitation Gift- Realism


  • *WARRIOR- When the warrior comes into our lives we learn to set goals

and strategies to achieve them.

  • Fear- Weakness Gift- Courage/Discipline


  • *CAREGIVER- When the caregiver becomes active we learn to care for others as well as caring for ourselves.

Fear- Selfishness Gift-Compassion/generosity

*JOURNEY- We begin to yearn for something beyond ourselves and leave the Safety of the tribe and encounter trials. The trials…if faced…transform us. In myth The transformation is often symbolized by finding a sacred object… the grail.

  • *SEEKER- Searching for something beyond ourselves.
    • Fear-Conformity Gift- Autonomy

*DESTROYER- Answering the call we begin to experience suffering…as

  • The destroyer takes away what we may have valued.
    • Fear-Annihilation Gift- Humility

*LOVER- The initiation of suffering is complimented by an initiation into Ero’s. We may find ourselves in love with a person, a cause, a Goal, a place…. The love here is so strong it requires a Commitment. With this type of love we are no longer free. The gift that emerges out of this dynamic…between the destroyer And the lover…. Is the birth of the “TRUE SELF.”

  • Fear- loss of love Gift-Passion/Commitment

*CREATOR- helps us begin to express our authentic self in the world.

  • Fear-Inauthenticity Gift-Individuality/Vocation

These four abilities-to strive, to let go, to love, to create…. Teach us the basic process of dying to the old self and giving birth to the new.

  • This process will prepare us again and again to return the kingdom and change our lives.


  • *THE RETURN- We realize we are the Rulers of our kingdom and may be disappointed at the current state of our affairs. As we become more fully true to our identity forged above, we begin to change the “wasteland” around us. The final set of attainments… taking responsibility for our lives, transforming and healing ourselves and others, nonattachment and a commitment to the truth, and a capacity for joy and spontaneity… becomes the gift of the journey (s).


  • RULER: Fear: Chaos Gift: Responsibility

* MAGICIAN: Fear: Evil Sorcery Gift: Personal Power

* SAGE: Fear: Deception Gift: Wisdom/Non-attachment

* FOOL: Fear- Non-aliveness Gift- Joy/ Freedom

There are lots of ways to play 🙂 with these archetypes…. each has it’s shadow side and Person even plays with how male’s and females activate them differently… and where we most often get stuck….
By Mike

I have encountered each of the Archetypes upon my life journey, and each have brought to me a gift.



With innocent wonder I opened my eyes to awareness in this world.


With joyous curiosity I reached out to touch what I saw, and was bitten. In hurt and pain I retreated.


“Why”, I asked must there be pain, why must we suffer? What is the meaning of this life?


My mother took me in her arms, kissed my hurt and said, “My dearest child, not always can I enfold you in my arms and give you succour and protection. One day you will leave this safety of your home and find your own solace.Show compassion likewise to other’s hurt.”


To my ruler I did go, and he said unto me; “Go thee forth upon a quest, and find answers to thy questions. First prepare thyself, and gather such provisions as thee might need upon thy journey. A sword and a shield I give thee, and a emblem of thy quest upon thy armour.


With heavy heart, I turned for a last glimpse of my childhood home, and I destroyed my ties with my place of safety. So allowed me to beyond my boundaries and confort zones.


So I set upon my quest, steeled for what dangers I might encounter upon the way.


As a fool I began my quest, and as a fool I made my first breakthroughs upon my journey. But also it was the fool that made me laugh, in the dark cold lonely nights, when I mistook the shadows for my enemy, and unseen monsters.


One cold winter’s night, when I all but lost my way and my hope, I had a dream. In my dream my beloved came to me, kissed me gently and opened my eyes once again to innocence and wonder. The cruel bitterness of the world vanished in an instance and with joyous laughter, and sweet taste, I awoke to a new dawn. The way ahead not so impossible,  I have found my guiding light.


With new eyes I resumed my quest, and all around wonders delighted my eyes, and spontaneous songs songs arose from my heart, and my journey became a dance of celebration.


It was then that I met the magician who showed my wondrous ways of seeing and transformed my reality into magical moments.

                                                           (Uriah Heep, The Wizard)

He was the Wizard of a thousand Kings.

And I chanced to meet him one night wandering.

He told me tales and he drank my wine.

Me and my magic man kind of feeling fine.

He had a cloak of gold and eyes of fire,

And as he spoke I felt a deep desire.

To free the world of its fear and pain,

And help the people to feel free again.

Why don’t we listen to the voices in our heart,

cause then I know we’ll find we’re not so far apart.

Everybody’s got to be happy

Every one should see.

Oh we know the joy of life

but please no lock and key.

So spoke the Wizard in his mountain home.

The vision of his wisdom

means we’ll never be alone.

Now I dream of my magic night

and the million silver stars

that guide me with their light.

 The Path  – by Scott Grimando


In my quiet wonder the Sage came to me with centered knowingness,  calmly pointing to the way ahead. There is still more to see, more to learn, the quest never stops, my journey now just begun. In quiet wonder the Innocent once again reached out to touch …


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