The Body shows “the workings of the soul.”

Our physical bodies are an important part of ourselves. It influences the way we are in this world, how we experience life, what we are capable of. Through our bodies we express our personality.

Within our physical bodies, are encoded our genetic lineage, even our emotional-thinking history, are encoded over time in our bodies. In Africa Ancestral “worship” is still widely practised. Not an important event goes by without the acknowledgement of the Ancestors. It is a shame that we do not practise this too, for what it does is to bring about an awareness of your genetic history that helped shape your physical, and emotional-thinking body. If you give thanks to your ancestors, you give thanks and acknowledgement to an inherent part of yourself. You have to make peace with your genetic lineage, as part of self-acceptance.

It is well known how our physical body-shape influence our latent capabilities. In the 1920s, scientists distinguished three basic body types – stocky(endo), muscular(meso), and thin (ecto). Later psychologist W.H. Sheldon, associated each body type with personality traits, believing with Socrates that the body shows “the workings of the soul.”

Endomorphs have a stocky build and areoften sociable, loving, easy-going, and relaxed.

Mesomorphs are strong and muscular, and often sporty, agressive, assertive, and insensitive.

Ectomorphs are tall and thin, and are usually restrained, sensitive, anxious, and self-conscious

Of course these are like everything not hard and fast, and variation occurs, but our shapes do influence our capabilities. Our bodies are meant to be the vehicle through which we interact with the world, not our prison. Whatever you look like and are physically capable, it contains an important clue to your uniqueness, your unique place in this world.

If you do not befriend your body and your physical looks, you will constantly be at war with yourself. If you are at war with yourself, you cannot interact peacefully with the world around you.

You have to be able to stand infront of a mirror, look at yourself, and be grateful for the gift you have been given. Our bodies are a gift of life, for without it, we would not be alive in the physical sense. You know that you have excepted yourself, when you can look at yourself in your entirety, and think with this body I can be all that I want to be. I love this body because it is a perfect expression of who I am, of my unique purpose.

If you look at yourself and you don’t feel happy, ask yourself why? Answer with honesty. Say for example, you long to be a Model but your looks do not allow for this without extensive surgery, then ask yourself, Why do I want to be a model? What benefits do I think it would it bring me? Will I get the approval of others? Will I get fame and riches? Will I attrack more men? Everyone will adore me.

In changing my looks will I get the approval/acceptance that I long for? Then ask yourself, Why do I need approval of others? Is it because I am insecure within myself? I do not approve of myself, really it is what it is. It is well known that our childhood upbring, incidences in our youth, influence this need for approval. Underlying wanting to change our physical looks, almost always involve a lack of self-acceptance. Not being happy with the purpose of who you uniquely are.

If you look in the mirror and see areas of yourself that you are not happy with, due to neglect, then you must tend to that. If you do not service the vehicle regularly, it is going to break down on you, when you most need it – Murpy’s Law. You could also look into the mirror and think, the image that I am projecting through the styling of my physical appearance, could do with more finnese, or just styled so that it more readily express who I am, or blend with the type of environment you find yourself in, or for that matter, as a statement of your believes, or rebellion.

However, any changes you make to your physical appearance, should be in keeping with your personal beliefs of what you are morally happy with. It should be honest decisions, with full awareness of why you are making the changes. To each his/her own.

I have never seen an ugly person, who is at peace with themselves. Confident and happy with who they are. They automatically become attractive. How you feel about yourself, actually changes your physical appearance through your expression of movement and facial expression, and shines through your eyes. Who will say that Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa are not attractive? What human beings find most attractive, is the inner beauty and peace shines through a person who is at peace and happy with themselves. Who knows that their existence have made the world a happier place.

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