Masculine and Feminine – Part 1

I looked for my enemy
And found myself
I looked for myself
And found you.

Through loving we learn and grow. We evolve. It is through my interactions in relationships that I find the most joy in life. This includes relationships on every level. It is however, through my relationships with the opposite sex that I have experienced the greatest chance of evolvement in my life. This holds true for humanity as a whole as well. There would have been no evolution for us as specie if it were not for the interaction between masculine and feminine. We now stand at a point in history where it is possible for the procreation of our specie without the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual interaction of the two sexes.

There are some that argue that we might become asexual. I ask myself are there any other reasons for the interaction between the two sexes other than pure perpetuation of the specie? For me personally there is no question that we are more than just an intelligent physical machine. Something that could be replaced AI. I know what I have experienced. There are some things that man made machines or instruments can not yet register but that I can register with this body I life in.

This wonderful body, this instrument with which I explore the world, my matrix. As you might have gathered by now, I am female. So my perspective of the world is a feminine one and I make no excuse for it. I am female for a reason. With it I am born with an innate curiosity of my opposite sex, the male. For me my opposite sex holds a key to who and what I am. As with all great opposites, the one teaches you more about the other. If the one disappears the meaning of the other would disappear as well. The moon is beautiful in her reflection of the sun. In her darkness she reveals the mystery of the sun. For me it was a personal revelation when I heard that the corona of the sun is best studied during its eclipse. While the sun reveals all in brightness, the moon draws to the surface the in-unseen ways.

The female is symbolic of the mysterious whereas the male is symbolic of the known. The submission of the god to the goddess, the goddess to the god, can only be cyclic. As in all divine opposites, each in its turn dominates and submits, rise and declines, active or inactive, Maat, balance, until they unite in an exquisite eclipse, in a moment of silent eternity, a breathless instant. ”

My brain I’ll prove the female to my soul My soul the father; and these two beget A generation of still breeding thoughts… (King Richard II, Act V, scene 5.)

I am sure that most people have heard of the concepts of Anima and Animus and that within each human being there are masculine and feminine aspects. In short we have to balance those aspects within ourselves to become balanced human beings. In all the inner mysteries this interaction between male and female, masculine and feminine forms an integral part to any form of spiritual transformation. Take Alchemy as an example: …

“(Quicksilver) works at cross purpose with Sulphur, wresting the ‘substance’ from the former, in order subsequently to offer ‘herself’ to ‘him’ as a newer, unlimited and more receptive substance. From a psychological point of view, this is the same as when the attraction of feminine nature dissolves masculine nature from its torpor and at the same time calls forth, as a result of the tension between the two poles, its truly masculine and active power… ‘living gold’ is generated by the perfect union of Sulphur (male, sun) and Quicksilver (female, moon). ”  Alchemy – Titus Burchardt

In Tantra there is a method, which operates this alchemical process by increasing the natural attraction between man and woman to the most extreme degree, and then spiritually revaluating it. Tantra Sutra; “When in such embrace your senses are shaken as leaves, enter the shaking.” How do all this relates to our personal interactions with the opposite sex? You are not interested in some great inner spiritual transformation but would like to improve your relationships with the opposite sex? “As above so below…” In my next blog I will go more into how it affects our personal relationships and choices of mates.

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