Masculine and Feminine – Part 3

There are times that it feels to me that the pain I feel in the world around me would engulf me. I feel the tears of pain from my fellow human’s burn in my eyes. Yet, this need not be. I really feel that all the answers to the challenges that the world face, we already know, have been known for a long time, but we have to change ourselves, make an effort to honestly look at our beliefs and reasons for making decisions, and accept the consequences of our mistakes, and do what you can to correct it.

What does it mean to be a male or a female in this world? To deny that we are more than just Bio in our reason for living is denying a part of ourselves. We do know that to deny a part of ourselves causes pain. We feel wounded and react like a wounded animal; Very defensive and aggressive. When I look at the history of mankind so far, I am convinced that the purpose of life is the evolution of awareness. “As I cultivate my own nature, all else follows.” I aspire to my highest inherent possibility. I come into this world with certain capabilities and talents. Before I can move beyond them, I must first bring what I have to full potential. Flower in the fullness of my potential.

I see a wonderful parallel between our inherent individual capabilities and those of ancient Craftsman. Some become average in their trade, do the job just enough to be sufficient, and it works. Others becomes skilled, and a few become masters of their trade. The masters transcend their specific craft and become universal in appeal. He ascends his craft and achieves at the same time the highest skill level of the trade, going beyond its craft to where it becomes the heritage of humanity. I see my individual life as my craft. What is it to be a female or what is it to be the male, being in this world we live in?

Before I go more into the archetypal nature of male and female, I must just say the following. Instinctively, especially as a female one feels this is not fair, it is sexist. Yes, from our (humanity as it is today) still infantile minds it does seem unfair and it is definitely sexist but we can’t get past what we are. Until we have transcended our gender and is living an ascended life, living an ascended relation to ourselves and the world around us, the rules will still apply. Look at the Legal systems it is only those who understand the laws that can bend them. It is not fair that the hurt another caused us must continue to plague us on every level until we say; “I will no longer be a victim, I take charge of my life.” But so it is no matter how much we protest and stamp our feet.

Something to ponder: The feminine represents the unlimited potential and the masculine activates within the feminine the fertility of life. Within her womb the spark of life grows until it is ready to enter the sun-lit vale of the material world. Within the material world the masculine guides the concept into actuality, while the feminine nurtures it to give it the stamina to complete its process to fulfilment.

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