Druid’s Dream

I awoke from a startling dream

The gentle breeze

revealing the moon

like a softer sun

illuminating a dreamy day

What secret thoughts

threads my dream?

Soft flowing moonlight river

flowing from an unknown distant past

Thoughts leaping like salmon

glittering memories

swimming upstream
A haunting desire

calling me back

to the spawning pool

of my ancient source

where time again arises

new thoughts

secretly threading

a dream of a perfect future.
Swim salmon of my dreams

Let your desire and skill

knowledge of the reverse current

that flows secretly

beneath the surface current

take you safely to the place

of your distant birth

dreams of the beloved

daring you to defy

all the dangers

that awaits along

that arduous journey
When you reach

that sacred pool

leap high and catch

the nut of secret wisdom

and awake to new wonder

by the banks of that sacred river.

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