Masculine and Feminine – Part 4

Within nature, the alpha male and the alpha female work together for the whole. Neither are lesser, both serves the whole. For me the alpha female should be the full flowering of the qualities of the feminine, standing secure in her intrinsic (innate) strength and value.

 “… from the angle of the male, who is also a representative of the spirit, the female is very much a mystery. In fact, if truth be told, the female is equally a mystery unto herself…” Theun Mares

Like a gentle falling rain
on parched land
words of tenderness penetrates me
dormant seeds awake in my soul
push their way through the moist soil
to bloom in fragrant delight
in the light
the touch of the sun

“…in order to unfold our full potential we need to evolve our awareness, and in order to do so we have to separate the known from the unknown. This brings about the splitting of the sexes and, as a result, and depending upon what our approach to unfolding our potential is to be, we incarnate either the male-side or the female-side of our awareness. If it is the male-side, then we have a man’s body and we approach life from the angle of the spirit, that is the known. If it is the female-side, then we have a woman’s body and we approach life from the angle of the tonal, that is, the unknown. However in working with the unknown, it is important to remember that until it has been incorporated into the known, it must of necessity be potential. And in being potential, it is by nature every-thing, positive and negative, light and darkness, male and female, just as within any business there is potential for both success and failure…

Masculinity has it origins in the void. Femininity has its origins in the womb. The womb is still brooding, forever ready to receive and gather. The womb is passive until conception… In practical terms this means that the mystery of the female can never be solved, or the potential of the female can never be realised, unless she can be incorporated into the purpose and therefore also the life, of the male. This is because it is the male which constitutes the known, and therefore also order. From this, it follows that if the male is the representative of the spirit, then he must materialise the purpose of the spirit, and so must incorporate the unknown within the known. But this is the same thing as saying that the male must come to understand his polar opposite, the female. The way in which males and females co-operate in order to make this happen, and realise their full potential, is that the female firstly provides the male with counterbalance; secondly, complements him in every respect; and thirdly, supports him in claiming his power.

Toltecs refer to this dual nature of the female in terms of the mother and the female. Since a mother, as a result of the relative factor of awareness, is masculine relative to her children, irrespective of their gender, Toltecs term the male in the female the mother, and term the female in her simply the female. In any relationship the female can play either the role of the mother, or the role of the true female, and this includes her relationship with men. So, if a woman is a businesswoman and runs her own business, then it is the mother in her, which is masculine in quality, that is running the business. Likewise, if she is a married woman, but finds that she has to make all the decisions, then once again it is the mother in her that is keeping the marriage together. However, realise what this implies, especially in marriages. Quite simply, it means that if your wife is in mother mode, then she does not have a husband, but instead you for a son! Therefore from your perspective you do not have a wife, but a mother to whom you are like a little boy! ”  Theun Mares.

You do not have to contemplate in great depth before you can see how far reaching the effects of the above is for the world we live in. You can begin to see why women are more aggressive, why marriages are failing. It is the masculine that determines the shape of relationships.

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