Masculine and Feminine – Part 5

Sometimes as a woman it feels to me as if there is a vast, boundless ocean of unfathomable depth inside me. All I can do on my own is scoop into it with my hands bring to the surface a random beauty but without direction I would inevitably let it slip back in the ocean of unknown. Satisfied in knowing the abundance at my disposal.

It is interesting to realise that action in itself is Masculine. So is inspiration. The world itself is feminine in nature. If you look at how the Pythoness of Delphi was said to have operated, an interesting parallel can be drawn between the workings of masculine and feminine. Bear in mind that the following was written in the paternal society. By that time the oracle of Delphi had already become degraded. The Pythia had to be uneducated and of rustic nature. In the following description she no longer was a willing participant. She was said to be possessed by the spirit of Apollo. So Apollo prophesied through the Pythia.

“…He banishes her former mind, and throughout her whole breast bids the mortal give way to himself. Frantic, she rages throughout the cave… Shaking from her upright hair both the fillets of the god and the garlands of Phoebus … and throws prostrate the tripods that stand in her way … enduring thee, Phoebus, raging with wrath … All time comes in a single mass; and ages press upon her afflicted breast. Such vast chain of events is disclosed, and all future struggles for the light of day.” Pharsalia – by Lucan

She herself had no input in what came through her, she was forcibly used to bring forth from the unknown. The masculine spirit reveals the future through the medium of the feminine. This was in turn recorded and interpreted by the male priests. It is an example of how the old paternal system operated in regard to woman. The surrender in love was not required, just as a woman can conceive in love or through rape. But think of the difference the conception through love makes to the creation born from the union between male and female. Women today are no longer willing to surrender themselves for the sake of duty and out of fear only. They no longer want to be uneducated and unwilling Pythia. Yet, we do not want to throw the baby out with the bath water…

“However, because the male represents the spirit of man, and the female represents the tonal, that is the physical being of man, it follows that it is only because of the interaction between these two polarities that the evolution of awareness can and does take place. Consequently, in order to evolve its awareness, the spirit must incorporate the unknown, or the female, into the known, for only in this way can the spirit unfold its full potential. In more down-to-earth terms, this means that deep down inside the heart of every male is the intense desire to get to know his own inner female counterpart, or tonal, which is life in manifestation. To do so, it is the most instinct of the true male to take unto himself a female who will not only be his wife and the mirror of his own inner female, but who will also reflect for him the secrets and the mysteries of life in manifestation. This is all very well, but if we remember that the tonal is every-thing, that is, light and darkness, positive and negative, and that the female’s tendency is towards preservation, then it should be quite clear why the male cannot afford to be helpless. If a man does begin to indulge in being helpless, he only succeeds in calling forth the mother in the female which, as we have already noted, is the masculine aspect of the female. But realise that the mother cannot and will not separate the polarities, for it is neither her function nor her instinct to do so.

This is exactly what has happened in the world today. Because men have been acting helpless, the mother in the female has taken over, and to such an extent that the world is being dominated by women who are becoming ever more aggressive, as men are becoming more weak and self-indulgent. Yet these men also resent mother telling them what to do, when to do it, and as a result, they are becoming more and more like petulant boys rebelling against everything and everybody, but just like little boys too, always running away when the shit hits the fan! ”

Before anyone thinks this is becoming a male bashing exercise bear with me, I assure you it is not, I am just trying to show how it works. My next insight into the workings between male and female, was a bitter pill for me as a “creative” female to swallow, as one who makes a living through my creativity. It directly follows from the previous insights that only man; the masculine can truly initiate something new, something never seen before. Everything inside me rebelled against that. It just cannot be, it is utterly unfair. But I had to face the truth. The male carries the life giving sperm, the female has the ability to conceive and nurture that which the male had initiated into reality. Even now I still want to protest bitterly but so it is. The fact remains I need a male, who can initiate, spark that which I feel unconsciously in myself into creation.

As a woman, I can only use what is already there. I can change it only by, nurturing it, make what is ugly beautiful, colour it, form and shape it, but I cannot introduce the original spark of inception. So this would be the reason why females often chooses males that they can sense the potential in. Women can often sense the potential in a man before he can. In the ancient San community it was the role of the women to observe the young boys to see who will make good husbands. It was the women who had to decide when a boy was ready to enter the responsibilities of manhood. A woman who is in harmony with her femininity can sense in a male whether he carries the potential to conceive in her that which she feels inside herself she wants to bring into creation. Then she will be a willing participant to bring forth the creation of the man’s desire.

A woman can sense the connectedness of all and that is why woman can feel the direction of evolution, and will thus choose the men who represents what they can intuitively feel is the way forward. The creative male, the sacred male, the true male without the social conditioning. However, because we have become confused in our gender roles, both men and women’s signals have become confused. Yet deep down if we care to look we know the truth. Take birth control. When the male excepted and gave women the responsibility of birth control, he was in fact saying: ” I am just an irresponsible boy, you cannot trust me to be responsible with that. I do not want to be responsible for my primary purpose that of initiating the spark of creation. Initiating the direction of the future.” So the mothers have taken control of sexuality. Remember it is the male that initiates an idea, etc. in the female. It is the masculine lead of irresponsible actions that showed women to become promiscuous. The female mirrors the male and sets forth to nurture what he has sparked into creation.

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