In humble gratitude

I receive your praise

I am grateful that

my streaming may touch

some of you

If I can offer a shelter

and refreshment for the weary


who have travelled

long winding roads

to be here now


I am

But give your praise

to that which moves through me

inspires even me

out of my shyness

to expose

to share

that which moves me

a quivering thread

in the web of life

am I

Like a tumble weed

blown across many roads

am I

leaving my seeds

where ever I blow

perhaps some will

drop into

moist receptiveness

to waken to life

But I will be blown

in the winds eternity

until my form

is no more

a drop of moistness

on the face

of the sun

Then perhaps

I will awaken

in my one of my seeds

left along

the roads

I crossed

I am yet I am not

a speck of foam

dancing momentarily

in a glint of light

within the ocean

of infinity

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