Unfolding Self

I often used to lament that we are not born with a personal manual to guide our unfolding self. Since then I have realised that we are indeed born with a personal manual. Clues for keys to our unfolding is already present within us before we are even born. With our first breath of life, our intent for our unfolding starts to drive us. Just as the dormant seed awakens and start to push its way through the soil, through cracks around rock and stones. Clues to our individual paths reveals itself through our intent.

No two babies are completely alike. Each human being is absolutely individual. Within our individuality lies the clue and this corresponds to synchronicity in our live, which presents itself with appropriate choices to us in the timing of our unfolding.

The full potential of a plant is already in existence within the seed. Without knowing from which particular plant a seed originates, we have to wait and see what it will become upon full unfolding, and blossom into fullness. Across the vast passage of time each individual plant specie also undergoes an evolution, as I believe all in existence does, including the Universal Divine. As above, so below. This for me is the truth, the multi-level reflection of the Ultimate potential, and it leaves clues everywhere.

In the mind of the Adept the superlative is not ‘highest’ but ‘inmost’.”

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