Do we have one soul mate/a “magical other” or more than one?

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Do we have one soul mate/a “magical other” or more than one?

If you see soul mates in light of the concept of karmic relationships, then indeed one can have more than one soul mate. Soul mates then are karmic relationships forged through past life encounters that generated karma and will also include non romantic relationships, such as friendships, siblings, parents, teachers and even enemies. So one has to ask what is karma? Karma is generated from every attachment or aversion we feel. Which is why all mystical traditions advocate non attachment.

In Kabbalah terminology the concept of non-attachment is called hishtavut or stoicism, though not in the Spartan sense of “grin and bear it” as you will still generate emotions whether you display it on the outside or not. Hishtavut comes from the root shava (Shin-Vau-He), meaning “equal.” Thus the emotional response is the same whether for example we receive praise or are insulted, from the silent witness perspective. Hishtavut is therefore the ability to nullify one’s egoistic self. Hishtavut is also important to cultivate if you do not want to fall prey to deceivers on every level, whether spiritual or mundane. Deceiving spirits, con artists and players uses our desire for praise (attachments) and fears (aversions) to deceive us.

Any strong emotions felt that is unresolved will generate karmic reaction. We see the same principle working in the generation of our dreams. If for example during the day we encounter an experience where we feel a strong emotion but cannot act upon it, or it remains unresolved, it will generate a dream where the emotion is resolved. If for example you really feel like punching someone, but do not, you will most likely generate a dream where you do punch that person. ( See “Dreams as a means for exploring reality”)It is the same with karma; we will generate karmic situations where we have the opportunity to resolve those unresolved emotions. The law of cause and effect is not a divine punishment as many believe but rather an opportunity for liberation in the process of conscious evolution.

Thus to get back to karmic relationships; if we have unresolved issues with a person we will encounter them again and again until we resolve those issues. This is also why true forgiveness is so important. If you truly despise a person or feel hatred towards them, you will encounter them again and again until you do resolve it. The same is true of strong unfulfilled attachments that you feel for someone. It is said that some masters even use this principle to form karmic relationships with their disciples. This is what is implied in John 20:22 “… If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.”

Indeed some sacred friendships, or spiritual relationships and bonds are far more intimate and far more priceless than anything physical or of the flesh; the union of the perfect desire to give and the perfect desire to receive. The perfect desire to give and the perfect desire to give is exactly what an ascended soul mate relationship implies. The play of giving and receiving is no longer just for egoistic, self cherishing but for a higher purpose.

If we look at relationships we must also look at what purpose a particular relationship serves. As mentioned, some relationships may simply be an opportunity to resolve karma. In the Kabbalah the term used for mending and repairing negative karma is Tikkune. It is the process of working out what is necessary for continued conscious evolution. What is ready (positive karma), passes into the next cycle of progress; what is not (negative karma)goes into a cycle of regress to work out what is needed for progress.

It may also be that two souls initiates a particular purpose in their union that brings progress to the whole of humanity. We often see this not only in romantic relationships but in every other kind of relationships whether in the spiritual, business, the arts, or scientific field. Those people will also feel a strong attraction to one another through some chance meeting.

To make things even more complicated there are concepts such as souls (more than one) that share the same root soul. If those individuals meet they will also feel a strong attraction to one another. To make your head spin even more there is the concept is that of soul fragmentation. “The one who became many”

So, as you can see, one can certainly have more than one soulmate, yet ultimately there can only be one.(She adds enigmatically)

As for the “magical other.” The “magical other” describes the believe that another person will fulfill within us that which we lack, or that such a person will fix everything that is wrong in our lives. It is this believe that give rise to most romantic relationships and is also the cause of the demise of most romantic relationships. If we expect that from another person, it will most certainly end in disappointment. No other person can do that for us, we have to do it for ourselves.

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