Medusa’s Mask


 Within the gentle glow of Lady Dawn
arms raised in salutation
Solemnly I made my Vow

A hunger burns inside me
I desire to know,
Spirit of truth
shine your light
illuminate my ignorance

I desire it with all of my
Purify me
Prepare me

The Lady of Sorrow
Stood before me
Infinitely dark radiant eyes

I see your fervor abate somewhat at the sight of me
Are you not glad to see me?

My Lady, with respect, even brave men’s hearts quiver at the sight of thee.

 Did you not ask to see the light of truth?
Am I not the sister of joy?
Where joy is, there I am too.
Can one exist without the other?
To know the Bliss of Between
You must know both the depth of joy
and the depth of sorrow

Do you know the meaning of your Vow?
She asked tenderly

The hunger burns
consequences unknown

 She held out to me
a flower of such exquisite beauty
the like of which never I did see

A yearning stirs
to know
the depths of it’s scent
to inhale the intoxicating fragrance

 The Lady ‘s dark hem touched my heart
and I shivered

Dare you inhale
its fragrance?
Konx om Pax
Beware who dares

A cold fever seized me
Hot and cold sweeps
in and out
of me
each battling for possession

in feverish dreams
of joy and sorrow

The Medusa wandering
in lonely eons of exile
as each heart turned to stone
who dared to look

In her sorrow and anger
she did not see him coming
A flash of light and sword
A moment’s chilling glimpse
of her own monstrous face
before the dark stillness

I awoke in the arms of my Beloved.
He caressed my brow with infinite tenderness

 Love is the light of truth
He said simply,
and smiled

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