Consciousness and Free Will

Across the River Styx by Nig


I see evolution in terms of consciousness. Whether you look at evolution of the universe, the earth, humanity or the individual person, it seems to me that it follows a particular course. Up to the point of physical, mental and psychological maturity, humans all over the world, across cultures, develop in certain areas of what constitute the human being, in a very stage specific unfolding.
After that we have a free will to consciously evolve ourselves. I call this self-evolution. For me the most important contribution that we as individuals can make to the well-being of the whole, is to evolve ourselves. To raise our level of consciousness. That is for me the primary direction of our present development as a specie. In achieving the highest of what we are capable of, we uplift the whole, and we fulfill our purpose. That which has no purpose will die out. .

Consciousness is not something you don’t have one day, and suddenly have another day. Consciousness is an evolutionary process. There are however levels of consciousness. Consciousness is an awareness. Consciousness is always about something. Consciousness is about bringing something into awareness, whether through thoughts, dreams, memories, feelings, or sensory impressions such as visual images, tastes, smells or sounds. So you can say that the more you are aware of what influences your thinking, and subsequently, your actions, the more conscious you are. The less aware you are, the less free will you have. When you are aware that something influences you, then you can use your will to decide what you want to do about it.

To develop a high level of consciousness requires an attentiveness. Attention makes you aware of what you have been accepting unconsciously. It is virtually impossible to consciously know all of what influences our thinking. Scientists are beginning to realize that we receive information, not only through our sensory perception, but there are also items entering our consciousness that exceed the range of sensory perception; they can leap, it seems, across wide reaches of space and time.

Although endless possibilities are open to us, both as humanity and individuals, we cannot know everything, be everything, and do everything in the physical time-dimension. I think all of our brains have an amazing capacity to learn, however, we do not all have the same desire to learn certain things. In general for example the male mind is better in abstract logic than the female mind. Why is this? Is it because the male brain is better than the female brain in that area? I don’t think so. From what I have observed, it has everything to do with desire. “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Learning requires a need for directed attention. Attention goes where interest goes. Energy goes where attention goes. If I am not really interested in mathematical equations, or technical data, it will be very hard for me to concentrate in order to learn it. I see each human being as a window on the universe. As a specie our strength lies in our ability to co-operate with each other, to pass our insights on to others. It is through our ability to interact and co-operate that we evolve in consciousness, that we can make a leap in consciousness.

Rather than discrete things and independent events, there are but ripples upon ripples upon waves upon waves in this universe, propagating in a seamless sea. – Ervin Laszlo

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  1. #1 by sehnen on June 8, 2010 - 4:10 pm

    What a lovely post, with which I completely agree. And what a dramatic (in every good sense of that word) and stunning photograph. I literally caught my breath when I first looked at it. — This leap in consciousness is imperative and very tardy.

    • #2 by verewig on June 9, 2010 - 2:32 pm

      Sehnen, thank you. Ah yes, the symbolism of the ferryman crossing the river styx is one of my favourites. So rich for contemplation.


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