Collage of Shadows – Prelude to Keeper of the Key VI

Previously: Keeper of the Key V

Each step of ascend rings out in shadow calls.
Who moves?
The shadow moves.
You are a shadow of your essence.
Who has no shadow?

A collage of shadows in the flickering light, swirls between light and dark awakenings.

Siegfried had no fear of dragons or another’s sword. He longed to know what fear was.

That is no man! Magical rapture Pierces my heart; Fixed is my gaze,
Burning with terror; I reel, my heart feels faint and fails!
On whom shall I call, For aid imploring?
Mother! Mother! Remember me!
How waken the maid, Causing her eyelids to open?
Her eyelids to open?
What if her gaze strike me blind!
How shall I dare To look on their light?
All rocks and sways And swirls and revolves;
Uttermost longing Burns and consumes me;
My hand on my heart, Trembles and shakes!
What ails thee, coward?
Is this what fear means?
O mother! Mother! Thy dauntless child!
A woman lying asleep Has taught him what fear is at last!
How conquer my fear?
How brace my heart? (Siegfried and the Twilight of the Gods – Richard Wagner.)

“The sky glows one side black, three sides purple
After sudden rain, a clear winter’s night.
On golden waves the sparkle of the Jewelled Cord.
The River of Heaven white from eternity …
Reflections, pearls from a snapped string:” Du Fu (712–770)

Lost in a dream
in soundless eternity,
I watch them fall
sparkling pearl drops
bitter sweet tears of longing
with a tingling glittering splash
your words
merging with the still lake of my soul

Deep within the hidden depths
awakens the goddess
For how long has she slumbered
wrapped in memories of intimacy
A drop of love on her sleeping eye
She awakens with raging hunger
for him who filled her dreams.

To be continued …


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