Sacred Intimacy

The white bull with the red tipped horns, rose its head from the land of dreams, the red tips tearing through the black blanket of the night. The light of another day wakes the sleeping beauty of Lady Dawn and gracefully she climbs out from behind the mountain to wake me with a kiss. I open my eyes to a world tinged in deep hues of golden rose. My first thought – fire. The light draws me out into the morning, in awe I stand, bathed in the sacredness of the moment. An invitation to renew my sacred intimacy with life. I turn and feel as if a subtle transformation has taken place inside me.

Sacred Intimacy is the gentle impulse for my soul to unfold like a lotus of countless petals. With infinite tenderness the enlivening rays prods my soul to unfold.

When true intimacy is experienced, the experience is sacred. Even a fleeting moment of sacred intimacy transforms your being. Something has touched the core of you, your soul, and even for a moment it is as if the “black blanket of the night” has parted to reveal a glimpse of divinity, your highest potential.

Within sacred intimacy, you truly experience the eternal now, the timeless present. You feel whole and content in being. It leaves you wrapped in a “heavenly scented” glow and in that glow you are beautiful and divine. Once you have experienced it you are forever changed.

Sacred intimacy is the legendary enlivening ambrosia, the nectar of the gods.

O novice listen to me: a living Fire animates man; a sexual Fire reproduces him. These are one at their source. Man can either drain this fire for his pleasure, or he can sublimate it into a divine force.”

Her=Bak – Isha Schwaller de Lubicz

Within intimacy the fire flows into a divine force and transforms that which you are. Never again can you climb back into the egg from which you came. You have experienced and you know. You can of course try and forget, if you so wish, but you will only harm yourself. This people often do when they have experienced loss, rather than remembering the beauty of the experience.

Although intimacy is of sexual nature in that two seemingly separate elements unite in a “sacred marriage” and something new is created; you can experience intimacy in all relationships. Whether in a breathtaking moment within a natural environment, with a living creature, with a child, with a parent, with a friend, with a lover, a stranger, and of course yourself, intimacy creates a feeling of unity and contentment, even if just for a moment. It is within the unity of intimacy that our personal being is shaped and hued with the colours of what constitute the “I”. All relationships holds the potential for sacred intimacy. A hidden gift waiting for our discovery.

“The value of the personal relationship to all things is that it creates intimacy and intimacy creates understanding and understanding creates love.” Anais Nin

The need for intimacy is like a hunger within us. A hunger that only the “nectar of the gods” will satisfy. Intimacy is shy at its initiation. Two people feel themselves suddenly shy in each other’s presence. Both become aware of an inner vulnerability, yet knowing that there is the potential for pain, they submit to each other in the open trust of children.

We know there is a potential for intimacy when a curiosity draws us to another. We become aware that we are curious to know the other.

The lion knows how to track; I her-Bak, do not know how to seek.”

Learn, then! First of all you must achieve curiosity.”

But is Asfet not curious? He scoffs at hidden teaching, but listens eagerly for its feeblest echoes.”

That is a kind of indiscretion; curiosity is something different: it is a sponge made for absorbing water, but dry; in other words, it is thirst for knowledge, it is a poverty of which one is aware.

Now the soul knows everything, but it does not formulate. If one becomes conscious without knowing how to formulate, then one is poor, restless, thirsty, curious.”

Then it is necessary to dare to admit that one is poor?”

That is the first condition. That is why vain people know only the unhealthy kind of curiosity: to snap up, copy, and repeat what others have formulated.”

Ought one not to study the scriptures of the Sages?”

Certainly, they are excellent for orientating and guiding one’s inner research which alone gives Understanding. That is why healthy curiosity draws out of itself the elements of all problems and creates by its desire the contact with the thing it wants to know.”

What then have I that I could draw out of myself? O Pasab, I am poor!”

Pasab laughed. “Very good! Everything of which you have become aware in your varied trades and experiences is a real acquisition: it is memory of the soul and not of your brain. Awaken this consciousness so you can extend it to that which you wish to understand; in Nature everything is linked with everything else, and you are part of this Nature; observe outside, observe inside: you will be surprised when you begin to see the relations between things, and little by little their living interplay. Then do not be impatient, go on listening … and then begin once more, until the acquired consciousness can be formulated without effort; thus you will understand what you have known.”

O my Master, will I have so much patience?”

If your thirst is not enough, leave it, and remain ‘like the others’!”

Her=Bak – Isha Schwaller de Lubicz

Just so, our hunger, our thirst for intimacy, is a hunger for us to understand ourselves and the world around us.

The metaphor of the sexual act, the union of the divine opposites, the merging of the sacred, mundane and divine is what we desire in intimacy. Are we afraid, do we feel ourselves not worthy, because we fear our own imperfectability? When we make love to the god/goddess in the other, we elevate not only the other, but also ourselves, for we deem ourselves worthy.

For me spirituality and sensuality are but facets of one continuum of awareness and sensitivity. I am not speaking about a superficial self-absorbed sensuality, but a sensuality that connects the physical world with to the spiritual. Indeed our humanness feeds the soul. What is the basis of our humanness? Our sensuality; through our senses we are fed information that forms the basis of what constitutes our individual selves.


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  1. #1 by braonthree on July 6, 2010 - 5:37 pm

    In strictly my own personal experience, human beings I’ve known have not at all craved or sought the type of intimacy you describe here. I myself have craved and sought such, but haven’t ever found another who did. I’ve only been able to achieve this level of sharing with animals. Otherworldly and beautiful photo.

  2. #2 by verewig on July 7, 2010 - 6:28 am


    Intimacy requires trust; not trust in the other but rather trust in yourself. Trust that you can be strong enough to be vulnerable to allow intimacy and strong enough to deal with loss and pain that such intimacy may also bring. Most people want absolute security in relationships; assurance that there will be no pain of loss to deal with. There will however, always be the pain of loss to deal with, even if it is “till death do us part.” The question then is; ” Is it better never to have loved, rather than to suffer the loss of pain?”


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