The Keeper of the Keys IX

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I stood in front of the mirror gazing but not gazing into my eyes as we were instructed to do. It was surprisingly hard to do. I kept finding my eyes wanting to wander off and that it was a lot easier to look at one eye in focus and the other not. Thoughts arose wanting to know why that is, but I gently steered my thoughts on their way by telling them we will have plenty time later to discuss it. The Blacksmith told us to be aware of any thoughts that arises during the practice; allow them to rise but do not fix on them, they will pass away.

“Just be aware of the passings, they are the footprints of your shadows,” the Blacksmith told us “you will start to recognize which footprint belongs to which shadow.”

After our ritual cleansing and swearing in ceremony, the Blacksmith put drops of stinging liquid in our eyes.
“So that you will be better able to see the shadows.”

“There are three kinds of people who raise the shadows: the shaman, the warrior, and the black magician. Everything within this world has a shadow. Everything we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see. You may summon an old warrior to guide you in the arts, or an old medicine man to guide you in medicine. In this way you begin learning from someone you cannot see – getting in touch with the master who can create movement within you. Even the shadows of plants, stones and animals can teach you.”

For three days we had to practice the mirror gazing. On the first day I barely thought I was going to survive 5 minutes of doing it, but he advised us to continue for as long as we could with breaks in between until we could gaze continuously with ease – “until the mirror image became the shadow.”

“You will not be able to see clearly until you find what blocks your vision. Each one of you has something from your past that blocks your view and which will be your weakness when in battle or when you enter the shadow lands. In the shadow lands this weakness will be used to trick you.”

“After three days of mirror gazing you will be ready to enter the land of your shadows to find what blocks your vision.”

I closed my eyes as I lay my head down upon the pillow, repeating the words “Show me what blocks my view,” with as much earnest desire as I could muster, until I drifted over.

I found myself once again standing in front of the mirror. This time I felt afraid to look into the mirror. I had a feeling of dread that I will see something truly horrible in the mirror. I closed my eyes and turned my head away. Invisible hands seized my head, forcing me to turn and look into the mirror.

To be continued …


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