Day of Goodwill – Boxing Day

The air is filled with squeals of joy, and the smell of braais as thousands descend on the beach today. December 26, known as Boxing Day, became the Day of Goodwill in South Africa in 1994; a day of giving in loving-kindness.

In the days of sailing ships a Christmas Box was placed on ships by a priest to bring good luck on the journey. Crewmen who wanted to ensure a safe journey would drop money in the box. It was the sealed and kept on board for the entire voyage. If the ship returned home safely the box was handed to the priest. The priest would keep the box sealed until Christmas and then share the contents with the less fortunate.

NauticalCharts-Mermaids by Savanna Redman

Is our life not a voyage of exploration and each year we return to the harbour safely after completing our yearly voyage? Each year we leave the safety of our harbours into uncharted waters, knowing we will face many dangers to reach our goals. Do we also keep a Christmas Box on our vessel? Giving in loving-kindness is a cause of abundant life and good fortune.


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