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Which desires should we choose to act upon?

“If we choose to act upon a desire we will set in motion a series of causes and effects that will guide us to our true destiny.”

One can truly see the Divine Trickster’s hand in our desires. It is through our choices that we have free will, and free will in turn is the agent through which consciousness is developed. When we were young children; we feel a desire and act upon it. We would then have seen certain effects swing in motion. Some of the effects would have pleased us, other effects would have been better to avoid.  We desire to touch the flame and it burns us, so we learn to be careful about flames and fire. Yet we also learn what flames and fire is. We can appreciate its beauty from a distance or use its heat for practical purposes. Then depending on your individual inclinations, some youngsters might for example desire to experiment with fire. Some might use it to cook with, some might use it to create art with, and yet others might experiment with its destructive qualities. This will in turn lead to further educate the experimenter of both the inherent qualities of fire and the inherent desires within him or herself, thus revealing to us more about our true desire.

However, say some boy one day decided to burn some dry grass to see how it burns. What he was not aware of was that there was a wind blowing and a lot of other dry grass around. Innocently he lights the fire. The wind picks up some of the burning pieces of grass and ignites the dry grass in the surrounding area. The fire gets out of hand and causes destruction that he could not have imagined.  Whatever the effect his innocent acting upon his desire had, it will effect his future life. How he reacts on the unfolding events will reveal his particular destiny.

As we grow older, our desires become more unique. We might all desire to appease our physical but each one of us will have unique preferences as to what particular type of food we hunger for, if we have a choice, which further reveals more about who we are as individuals. Each time we choose we set in motion both desired and undesired effects, because we cannot know everything. We can act only from what we know, which is always limited in vision. What we know is what we are aware of. Awareness is like the beam of a flashlight; It is a flow of illuminating light towards an object. What we think we are is only a small fraction of who we are. Jung described it as a small, bright spot on a large sphere. Our normal consciousness awareness represents the small bright spot, whereas what we are unaware of, our unconsciousness, the vast unexplored sphere of the universe, of the whole. We are aware of about 10 – 15 percent of our mind’s thoughts, experiences, feelings, memories and beliefs. Although we are unconscious of 85 – 90 percent of our thoughts, feelings, experiences, memories and beliefs, they do shape our lives.

Each time we feel a desire we must choose whether to act upon it or not. The effects of our choices are going to contain reactions stemming from both elements of what we are conscious of and what we are not conscious of. The Trickster uses effects of the elements we are not conscious of, to further educate our awareness and steer us towards our destiny.

Sometimes our choices may lead us to places where there seem to be no way out, and it appears as if we are left with only Selchie choices. Yet, those situations in itself will contain aspects that will help us to unfold our souls, as those situations would never be situations that we would willingly choose. Yet, in retrospect we can see no matter, how hard it was it was necessary for our evolvement as human beings. In those situations it may appear to us as if we are achieving nothing, that in fact we are regressing, but deep below the surface radical changes are being effected on our being in becoming.

It may appear unbearable to us, as every solution we can think of cannot bring satisfactory solutions. In those situations we find ourselves as conscious beings within the womb. All we really can do is learn to float in the womb’s ocean. We have to partly surrender in trust; that we can float and partly participate in staying afloat, until the process of our unfoldment is complete.

In those situations we reached the limits of our imaginations; all the answers seem to lie beyond the horizons of our imagination. We have reached the state where we must surrender to the processes of our enfoldment. That which we think we are needs to undergo a radical change in order to embody a new consciousness which will contain the answer to our dilemma. It will contain the capacity of an expanded imagination, well beyond our previous horizons.

How long can we expect to be in such a state of liminal floating? That depends upon divine grace, and we cannot tell the duration of time. It may not even occur within the present lifetime, or it may only provide answers to the next generation. Our very quandary however, will provide questions that will lead to answers for either ourselves or the next generation. There is a solution to every challenge, we must first however, develop the capacity of consciousness to receive the answer and to comprehend it.

Desire is the cause that impregnates the seed of our unfolding. Within the embryo of our unfoldment is contained possibilities generated by past generations’ desires which in our unfolding form might come in fruition, or develop further, so that in future generations it can come into fruitition.

Whether we choose to act upon a desire or not, it will have an inner or outer effect.

(Scientific studies found that genes can be turned on and off by environmental signals – including thoughts, feelings and emotions – from outside the cell. )

Enclosed within
the smallness of a seed 
the potential of the universe

Wthin the smallness of a seed
the spark of life awoke

forces of creation


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What is sacred marriage?

A question: what is sacred marriage? Is it done between two different people, or within oneself?

I am a firm believer in “as above so below.” Time and again do I see the principle in operation With the sacred marriage it is no different. The sacred Marriage is known in alchemical terms as Hieros Gamos. It basically means the union of all opposites as symbolised by the conjunction of the archetypal masculine and feminine in the ‘alchemical marriage’, the hieros gamos. In alchemy it results in the grand climax, the achievement of the goal – the lapis philosophorum, the hermaphrodite embodying the united King and Queen. This union engenders the birth of something new, the ‘Rebis’, this ‘divine birth’ symbolising a re-awakening, a new consciousness.

The Hieros Gamos can transpire on all levels, as well as between a man and a woman who consciously enters into a union, to engender “something new.” As in alchemy both has to go through a process of purification first.

To give you further insight into the sacred marriage; in Christian Gnostic traditions the Holy Eucharist is also called the “Wedding Feast,” for the union of the Bridegroom and Bride is celebrated in it. The Bridegroom conveys the wine and the Bride conveys the bread. The “remembrance” alludes to what is conceived through the mystical union of the two opposites. It also relates to what in the Kabbalah is called the ruhaniyut and the sheaf. The ruhaniyut is like the soul of the tree and the sheaf is like the sap of the tree. Both the soul and the sap of the tree are called the life of the tree. Essentially, they are two manifestations of the same thing; the life-power of the tree. Like the masculine and feminine appears to be separate on the lower levels, at higher levels they are one. The remembrance is of the unity. So you can see how the sexual union of the male and female could also become a talismanic representation of the union of opposites.

As above, so below; In the Sophian Gnostic view, the Holy Eucharist is not isolated to the wedding feast, but extends to all of our living, and even food. When we eat and drink, we are eating and drinking the body of the earthly Mother and her children and the Heavenly Father who is the one life-power within and behind the whole of creation. The wedding feast is in remembrance of the unity of all. Everything that we consider to be separate from ourselves can be united within ourselves –   in the Bridal Chamber. When we live life mindful of the innate unity of all, we are enacting the sacred marriage. Through conscious living our bodies can serve as the hermetic vessel of transformation. Perhaps in light of this, the following quote from an African oral tradition will cast light on the real purpose of humanity.

Beings were first mineral,

then vegetable,

and finally animal.

This hybrid being unifies the three kingdoms.

It is crowned by man.

He signifies unity.

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Do we have one soul mate/a “magical other” or more than one?

In response to a question;

Do we have one soul mate/a “magical other” or more than one?

If you see soul mates in light of the concept of karmic relationships, then indeed one can have more than one soul mate. Soul mates then are karmic relationships forged through past life encounters that generated karma and will also include non romantic relationships, such as friendships, siblings, parents, teachers and even enemies. So one has to ask what is karma? Karma is generated from every attachment or aversion we feel. Which is why all mystical traditions advocate non attachment.

In Kabbalah terminology the concept of non-attachment is called hishtavut or stoicism, though not in the Spartan sense of “grin and bear it” as you will still generate emotions whether you display it on the outside or not. Hishtavut comes from the root shava (Shin-Vau-He), meaning “equal.” Thus the emotional response is the same whether for example we receive praise or are insulted, from the silent witness perspective. Hishtavut is therefore the ability to nullify one’s egoistic self. Hishtavut is also important to cultivate if you do not want to fall prey to deceivers on every level, whether spiritual or mundane. Deceiving spirits, con artists and players uses our desire for praise (attachments) and fears (aversions) to deceive us.

Any strong emotions felt that is unresolved will generate karmic reaction. We see the same principle working in the generation of our dreams. If for example during the day we encounter an experience where we feel a strong emotion but cannot act upon it, or it remains unresolved, it will generate a dream where the emotion is resolved. If for example you really feel like punching someone, but do not, you will most likely generate a dream where you do punch that person. ( See “Dreams as a means for exploring reality”)It is the same with karma; we will generate karmic situations where we have the opportunity to resolve those unresolved emotions. The law of cause and effect is not a divine punishment as many believe but rather an opportunity for liberation in the process of conscious evolution.

Thus to get back to karmic relationships; if we have unresolved issues with a person we will encounter them again and again until we resolve those issues. This is also why true forgiveness is so important. If you truly despise a person or feel hatred towards them, you will encounter them again and again until you do resolve it. The same is true of strong unfulfilled attachments that you feel for someone. It is said that some masters even use this principle to form karmic relationships with their disciples. This is what is implied in John 20:22 “… If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.”

Indeed some sacred friendships, or spiritual relationships and bonds are far more intimate and far more priceless than anything physical or of the flesh; the union of the perfect desire to give and the perfect desire to receive. The perfect desire to give and the perfect desire to give is exactly what an ascended soul mate relationship implies. The play of giving and receiving is no longer just for egoistic, self cherishing but for a higher purpose.

If we look at relationships we must also look at what purpose a particular relationship serves. As mentioned, some relationships may simply be an opportunity to resolve karma. In the Kabbalah the term used for mending and repairing negative karma is Tikkune. It is the process of working out what is necessary for continued conscious evolution. What is ready (positive karma), passes into the next cycle of progress; what is not (negative karma)goes into a cycle of regress to work out what is needed for progress.

It may also be that two souls initiates a particular purpose in their union that brings progress to the whole of humanity. We often see this not only in romantic relationships but in every other kind of relationships whether in the spiritual, business, the arts, or scientific field. Those people will also feel a strong attraction to one another through some chance meeting.

To make things even more complicated there are concepts such as souls (more than one) that share the same root soul. If those individuals meet they will also feel a strong attraction to one another. To make your head spin even more there is the concept is that of soul fragmentation. “The one who became many”

So, as you can see, one can certainly have more than one soulmate, yet ultimately there can only be one.(She adds enigmatically)

As for the “magical other.” The “magical other” describes the believe that another person will fulfill within us that which we lack, or that such a person will fix everything that is wrong in our lives. It is this believe that give rise to most romantic relationships and is also the cause of the demise of most romantic relationships. If we expect that from another person, it will most certainly end in disappointment. No other person can do that for us, we have to do it for ourselves.

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How do you know that the one in front of you is your soulmate?

In response to a question;

So, how do you know that the one in front of you is your soulmate, and not just someone of whom you are in love with?

When we speak about soul mates there is inherently a feeling of destiny involved in it. The chance meeting of two souls that change the course of both souls’ lives. Thus the first hallmark of any soul love is the power of transformation. Did the loving of the particular person change your life; change your perception about yourself? No strongly felt emotion should ever be ignored, or written off as “just in love.” Why do you feel such powerful emotions? Any powerful emotions felt gives one an opportunity for soul contact; it is always a pointer to a shadow aspect within yourself that needs to be exposed and as such it does contain an element of destiny within it. Any shadow aspect brought to light and integrated within one’s conscious awareness changes your perception about yourself and will change the course of your life. The ego (I) is the container of beliefs of who you think you are and as such dictates the destiny of your life, because all the choices you make in your life is based upon who you think you are. Choices have affects and thus create your future. If you think you are weak or you are strong you will make your choices accordingly

However, the soul’s desire in turn is the ego’s destiny. From our earliest age we manipulate events in our lives to meet our desires; whether consciously or not. We may not always be successful in achieving what we desire but it will affect our lives and thus our destiny. This is why I like to call desire the workings of the Divine Tricksters; for me may think that we are simply trying to fulfill our desires but actually each time we respond to our desires it sets in motion a course of events (karma) which will ultimately lead us to find our true desire. (See The Broken Heart)

The second aspect that you will encounter is that of fear. Love and fear cannot be separated for whenever we feel something overwhelmingly powerful we will naturally feel fear as we feel instinctively that it will take us out of control. The purpose of fear in an evolutionary sense is a guardian so that we do not overstep our capacity. So when ever we feel fear it indicates that we have reached a personal boundary and invokes alertness and mindfulness in us. Now when the ego encounters soul love it will feel fear, for true love will cause the death of who you think you are. Love lures us beyond our personal boundaries. The ego as such is tricked into a death by the lure of the other. Love and fear moves together. This is also experienced in what is called the fear of God (Pachad). Contrary to what most believe it is not a superstitious fear of God’s punishment, it means “Holy awe”. Holy awe and wonder fills the soul that encounters true love.

Another aspect of true soul love is its purpose. If you use the simile of language, the significance of language is not the process or laws that dictate it, but what is said through it, what ideas and what insights it reveals. With love it is the same, it is not the feeling of love and how it came about that is important but what one can accomplish through it. If nothing is achieved through love, then it soon fizzles out and one is left wondering whether it was just an illusion, just a PEA brained infatuation. Soul love always has a higher purpose; a purpose that serves not just your ego’s desires but serves the greater good.

Personally, what can we achieve through love if not sexual satisfaction, procreation, security, status or simply not to be lonely? In the world in which we live today there is very much a tendency to cocooning in our egocentricity. There is only one thing that lures us out of our egocentric cocoons; love. Love alone entices us out of our shells; allow us to let down our carefully constructed barriers. This is also why no one you fall in love with is “just someone you are in love with.” Love is a precious gift. Treat anyone that you are in love with as if they are your soul mate.

Most people desire someone to love who embodies what they feel they lack in themselves. Advanced human beings, who actually do not need another person; “the magical other” and are already fulfilled in themselves are more likely to meet their true soul mates. When two people who do not need each other unite, that which is already complete is enhanced, amplified beyond what can be imagined on their own. I such a relationship you can really go beyond transpersonal boundaries and have what I call an ascended relationship. You have already overcome your personal limitations, whereas in most relationships personal problems, and limitations are just highlighted. (The mirror effect.)

I cannot over emphasize the preciousness of the gift of falling in love even if it never comes to fruitition. Every time you fall in love it is an opportunity to  prepare you for a greater love; whether spiritual or romantic, and educates you in the matters of the heart.

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Why Choose?

“Choose something, because map is not territory, and the recipe is not the meal.” Jay Michaelson

Western culture sees the goal of study as the accumulation of knowledge, or, at least, gleaning of information; whether skimming or reading, the intent is usually to take out the useful points and proceed further. Gathering soundbites of information; nothing with real depth. How however, do you get to the depth of anything?

So often I hear people saying that they will not limit themselves to one teacher, as they are afraid of becoming “spiritual clones”. In our times individuality and individual freedom is highly prized. Generally, most seekers I have come across on the spiritual path started their journey in reaction to conformity, afraid of being boxed into one path or becoming stuck in one ray of the light continuum. I was no different, in fact, I proudly thought of myself as a Ronin – a masterless spiritual warrior wandering from one source of wisdom teaching to another.

In today’s world, we are bombarded by books, articles and courses on every aspect of spirituality. Yet sooner or later one realizes that to go beyond the frontiers of the known, you have to make sacrifices. Why would you want to settle for one relationship instead of enjoying the freedom of many relationships? Although in our early years of searching it is good to sample all the teachings available, we must learn to sacrifice breadth for depth. You can be versed in fractions of many languages but you can not have an in depth conversation, unless you learn at least one language in depth.

Sacrifice and discipline are words shunned in today’s world of instant gratification, yet without sacrifice, we will not reach any form of mastery, neither in ourselves nor in anything.

The word sacrifice comes from a root meaning to make sacred or to sanctify. In Hebrew the word for sacrifice means to draw near, specifically, to draw near to the Divine. Drawing near to the divine requires self-restraint, and thus sacrifice is an act of restraint, whether the restricted use of a sacred object or an act of self-restraint through which we ourselves are made sacred or holy through purification. One might say that the entire mystical journey is a path of purification in that, when all things obstructing the truth and light are removed, our innate divinity naturally shines from the depth of our being. Sacrifice in essence implies a letting go of something inferior for something superior and suggests an uplifting of something, or the transformation of something from a lower form to a higher form.

Only by choosing can you begin to experience and will be able to know what the “map” or “recipe” is alluding to; what experiences are hidden behind the symbols.
“The finger pointing to the moon.”

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