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The Gift X Gyfu

Francesco Hayez, The Kiss (1859)

At this time of the year the word gift is prominently on people mind but have you ever given it any further thought? In the runic alphabet, the rune Gyfu has the meaning of gift. It is shaped like the Roman letter X and it was used to denote things dedicated to the gods. According to a rune poem Gyfu is “To people, giving is an ornament of value, and to every outsider without any order, it is substance and honour.”

Whether you believe in a divine being or not to give a gift always indicates a belief in something greater than yourself. For when you give a gift you are reaching out to something outside of yourself in recognition that something outside of yourself exists and the gift becomes the token of the desire to link yourself with that which you wish to honour in recognition.

Symbolically, Gyfu describes the gift of one’s own ability or talent in service to another. Ability itself, or talent, was viewed as a gift to the individual from the gods. When anything is given, a relationship is established between the giver and the receiver. In this world when we give a gift it is a direct reflection of our talent or abilities, for even in choosing a shop bought gift we are using our abilities to choose through our personal vision what the other whom we wish to honour might like. In other words we are looking at the other through our personal vision and are recognizing their uniqueness through the symbol of the particular gift. In reflection upon ourselves the gift is a symbol of what we have to give, thus our abilities and talents that we are able to give to the world.

Gyfu also signifies the unifying effect that a gift makes between the donor and the recipient of the gift. The gift thus expresses the qualities of linking seemingly separate people in a common bond, or even human with the divine. If you look at the symbol of “X” it is two separate lines crossing each other to form a new symbol in unity, thus expressing exactly the implications of giving and receiving. Each one of us has unique talents and abilities when joined with other talents and abilities becomes something greater than the than the individual. It is indeed in sharing our talents and abilities that they grow and mature and become a gift to the world. Yet, we need courage to express and give our talents and abilities.

Esoterically Gyfu is the quality personified in the Norse goddess Gefn or Gefjon, the bountiful giver, the equivalent of the goddess Abundantia, formerly worshipped in central Europe. This further elucidates the meaning of the gift, for we can only give something when we feel that we have something to give. It is only when we are able to give that abundance will follow.

In modern usage, Gyfu is the sigil used to represent a kiss. This is perhaps the most intimate form of the gift, for when we kiss another we truly give our being in union with another. So the fire of a greater passion fills body and soul possessed by the deepest desire for full embrace and intimacy, union – the fire of love is set ablaze, actual, real, full and true. So it is with a gift given in the spirit of love; we take the best of our abilities, of what we symbolically are and gift it to another to honour what they represent to us in gratitude of what their being in this world have brought to us. By simply knowing the other, we have grown and was given a new vision of being, a gift more precious than any material token can symbolize.

I will like to use this opportunity to give my deepest gratitude to all whom have crossed my path to form the symbol of Gyfu to my being; a gift to my existence.



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Secrets Within Secrets


Some say that the world is a vale of tears.
I say it is a place of soul making
John Keats

I had dream where I was discussing, “the secrets within secrets,” and I awoke feeling as if I had seen through the layers, everything was crystal clear to me, however when I reached out for my notebook and pen, (always next to me when I sleep) suddenly what seemed so clear was not clear anymore, yet I could still feel the understanding of it. Then my eyes fell on a book that I had not looked at for years and by now I know never to ignore sudden attention on something. So I opened it at random, on the following:

“Like Heraclitus, Chunang Tzu speaks of a hidden principle of truth, the Tao. Why does it remain hidden, and yet seem so obvious when we are able to open it? Chuang Tzu suggests that we are misled by partial understanding. We do not think, feel, or look with the whole of ourselves. We tend to base judgements on distinctions which we have not held up to examination.” – Wing-Tsit Chan

So much of life is like this. So often I am hit with a “vow”, only to later, after living with the “vow” of understanding, to realise that there is more to it than I thought. What I thought I understood, I understood with only partial understanding. The fragmented mind is not capable of understanding the whole, yet it is the fragments of understanding that leads us closer, layer by layer to understanding of the whole. As Heraclitus of Ephesus said, “The Lord whose oracle is at Delphi neither speaks nor conceals, but gives signs.” Our understanding of the whole can only be perceived in symbols, it awakens in us a new paradigm of understanding.

“The pursuit of knowledge always takes place within a given paradigm, within a conceptual matrix – a womb that provides an intellectually nourishing structure, that fosters growth and increasing complexity and sophistication – until, gradually that structure is experienced as constricting, a limitation, a prison, producing a tension of irresolvable contradictions, and finally a crisis is reached. Then some inspired Promethean genius comes along and is graced with an inner breakthrough to a new vision that gives the scientific mind a new sense of being cognitively connected – reconnected – to the world: an intellectual revolution occurs, and a new paradigm is born. Here we see why such geniuses regularly experience their intellectual breakthrough as a profound illumination, a revelation of the divine creative principle itself, as with Newton’s exclamation to God, “I think Thy thoughts after Thee!” For the human mind is following the numinous archetypal path that is unfolding within it.

And here we can see why the same paradigm, such as the Aristotelian or Newtonian, is perceived as a liberation at one time and then a constriction, a prison, at another. For the birth of every new paradigm is also the conception in a new conceptual matrix, which begins the process of gestation, growth, crisis, and revolution all over again. Each paradigm is a stage in an unfolding evolutionary sequence, and when that paradigm has fulfilled its purpose, when it has been developed and exploited to its fullest extent, then it loses its numinosity, it ceases to be libidinanlly charged, it becomes felt as oppressive, limiting, opaque, something to be overcome – while the new paradigm that is emerging is felt as a liberating birth into a new, luminously intelligible universe.”

The Passion Of The Western Mind – Richard Tarnas

Within each of us, we progress from paradigm to paradigm in our personal self-evolution. Each stage of this evolution is brought about by a personal crisis, a turning point, a dark night of the soul, a soul encounter. Our personal evolutionary shifts reflects the evolutionary shifts of the greater whole.

The thirteenth century,Persian mystic Aziz Nasafi wrote that the spiritual world, standing like a light behind the bodily world, shines as through a window through every creature that comes into being. According to the type and size of the window, more or less light enters the world. Each one of us is a window on the Universe, the whole of understanding. Physicist Raynor Johnson even suggest that while in ordinary states of awareness we view the world through five slits in the tower, our ordinary senses, there are states of consciousness in which we open the roof to the sky. It is in these moments of consciousness that a new paradigm is born. Suddenly a light is lit in the darkness of our understanding.

The concept of dry intellectual knowledge can only bring you to the first layer of understanding, whereas wisdom is the essence of understanding. There are some that say that true intellect should be defined as an ability to interact with the world around you. The ability to reach out in a gesture of wanting to understand. Wisdom for me is born out of this reaching out and interaction with the world around me, and through this an inner reflection, an inner understanding of the whole is brought about. One could say that out of the bitterness (Mara) of experience, the sweetness of wisdom is born.

In Ancient Egypt the word Ais is for brain intellect, and Sia for intelligence of the heart, in other words intuition. Intuition literally means “knowledge coming in.” Yet neither wisdom nor intellectual knowledge can be gained without love, for to know something there first need to exist a desire, a love for something, for if you feel love for something there is a need to unite with what you love. In uniting with something, or at least a reaching out towards something an understanding is brought about. Knowledge means to unite oneself with the object, concept or idea one requires to understand, hence the term carnal knowledge.

“Consider the prodigious physical and evolutionary studies of Teilhardt de Chardin, which conclude that love is the underlying movement and pattern behind the universe: atoms calling each other in search of union so that they begin to constellate and form molecules; molecules in resonance yearning for the Beloved of the next stage so that they can form more complex systems; these systems yearning to form bodies; bodies attuning until they find their partner and produce more bodies with more complexities. We yearn for the gods and the gods yearn for us, so that as we are becoming enspirited, godded beings, the gods are becoming human. Likewise, earth and nature long for spirit, and spirit longs for nature; out of this longing emerges a deeply physicalized spirituality and a deeply spiritual embodiment …

Consider, too, process philosopher Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy of God as the loving lure of becoming the Divine Lover calling the world into becoming, as any great and true lover does with any beloved.”

Psychologist Jean Houston

“Mathematical cosmologist Brain Swimme and cultural historian Thomas Berry write of a cosmic allurement that is the bond of all matter and what we humans experience as love. It is this lure between things that drives evolution. Love is what evokes in us the desire to make our own next evolutionary leap as a species. The longing to find and join with the beloved of the soul is the allurement that pulls us toward becoming fully human. “

Bill Plotkin

It is this allurement that entices us out of our cocoons of isolation, and allows us to experience life. In the experience of life we taste and absorb experience as nourishment of the soul. Its sweetness and bitterness both alike enrich our being and creates depth to our insights and brings us wisdom that has grown through the tasting of life.


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The Dream of Chaotic Transition

Life is a Dream

If you want change, then you must allow for chaos. No change can be completely predictable. There will always be a part of change that will be at the mercy of the fates, because we cannot be aware and conscious of every factor that will be part of what remains in the process of transformation as the chaotic attractor. Complete chaos would mean a complete loss of consciousness or death. We need a body to house the viewpoint of our being. The body of our being will reflect the viewpoint of our being. A being needs a viewpoint to operate within this world. Only with a beingness can we receive an inflow and a outflow. To survive a chaotic situation one would needs to have something familiar to grab on to. Something to hold your identity of self, as without any identity no action would be possible. The physical realm is after all at the jewel of the apex of the triad of action. Action results in something physical manifesting.

Even within our mind/brain action without some limitation no-thing will be the result, as limitlessness, the eternal, implies infinite potential; not yet in manifestation. As soon as something becomes manifested, it will have limitations as it is limitation that defines a form. When something is boundless, it is the potential of becoming. For change to happen a degree of chaos is necessary; a part of something undergoing change must disintegrate from the previous form into the potential to create a new form of becoming. That which had not dissolved into the chaos of becoming – thus formless potential – will serve as the attractor for the new form of becoming.

Strangely there is a feeling of freedom within chaos – the great liberator.

I had a dream in which I had to move. I was completely unprepared for the move although, before the event I thought I was. Until the last moment I had no idea where I would be moving to. Chaos enveloped me. All the known that surrounded me disappeared one by one. With no sleep between days, days just rolled into one with just boxes to mark the passage of time. Will it ever end?

At last the last remnant of my presence was removed from my physical abode and then came the rain. Drenched and exhausted, I stumbled into my new transitionary abode. This home was unfinished. It was a building begun before this present life of mine but left unfinished and uninhabited, waiting. It had no running water but the running water from a stream that nurtured its surrounds. Planks and pieces of wood left waiting for its continued building everywhere, with boxes stacked on top of it. Saw dust and scurrying spiders everywhere.

This house was built with old and new wood that grew on trees from many places. The doors and windows were from houses and buildings demolished long back into the past. There were even doors from a distant island carved with beautiful Arabic patterns and the words “May God bless all who enters here.” It was standing in the middle of a room waiting for a doorway to grace.

In the dream I had another dream. I was back in the house that I left on the last day of moving. I found a room that I had forgotten about. My heart sank; it still has to be packed. I knew the room from dreams I had in many dreams past. It formed a wing to the rest of the house, but it was a room that was never used as it was always found by accident. It was an ancestral room filled with furniture and ornaments from many generations of ancestors. Ancient tapestries and weapons adorned the walls as well as portraits.

I knew that within this unbuilt house resides my future; its structure; a future slowly taking shape. A future built on past forgotten dreams, carved and shaped. Within it was contained dreams not only from my personal self, but also the dreams from past generations and dreams yet unborn in the hearts and minds of future generations. The transition was an abrupt one, as being transferred from one body into another. It takes time to adjust to a new body. To feel how you can move within a new body. Your very thought processes have to adjust to thinking and feeling within a new body to explore the qualities and potentials held within the new body of becoming. Slowly unfolding, a largo in rhythm with a different beat

Often karma is thought of as relating to an individual only. Yet, we are not just an individual self. We carry within the very fiber our being the love, hopes, dreams and desires, as well as the pain, sufferings and disillusionments of past generations within our present selves. We carry within us the potential of the future; the yet unborn hopes, dreams and desires of future generations as well as their pain and suffering. All is one and one is all.

At present humanity is still self-centered; interacting with the larger world through individual isolated pain and desires. Although many may voice the words “All is one” few really know that we are one. Yet, if we are to advance as a whole, as humanity, we must come to know that we are one. We must have Gnosis of our inter relatedness. Then we can truly awaken compassion within us without vital sentiment. It is only when we can operate without vital sentiment that our actions will reflect a higher cause, and benefit all. If we seek enlightenment are we seeking enlightenment purely for ourselves or for all? The Divine impulse is to receive in order to give. Yet, we can only truly seek enlightenment for all when we know that we are not just an individual self.

The spiritual path is all about clearing away blocks, untying karmic knots, and purification of what we think we are. We begin our spiritual journey seeking to still our individual inner longing, but as we clear away the debris of what we think we are, we begin to realize that to advance on the path we must first lose what we thought we were and transfer our consciousness into a “newer home” of being. It is indeed a home that has been coming into being for a very long time. Yet, before we can truly make it our home we must except the chaos of transition.

Within each of us, we progress from paradigm to paradigm in our personal self-evolution. Each stage of this evolution is brought about by a personal crisis, a turning point, a dark night of the soul, a soul encounter. Our personal evolutionary shifts reflect the evolutionary shifts of the greater whole. Within each stage is contained a germ of “betrayal” that will be the wound that causes the Dark Night of transition for our next level of understanding.

Those who do not understand their destiny,
will never understand the friends they have made,
nor the work they have chosen,
nor the one life that waits beyond all others. – David Whyte

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Hineini, Here I am

We can longer continue to live life as we always had. We have to look for new ways to find our way ahead or perish, whether physically or just shut down psychologically. Of course what we are seeing is the result of our cultural inheritance, our thoughts and ideologies we have based our existence on. We followed this path and it has shown us that what we thought was a good idea to base our lives on, was not such a good idea in practice. We have to change our very way of being in this world, the very basis of what we deem important. We can equate the state of the world to being lost.

Imagine that you are lost.

You have tried every way possible but you have to admit to yourself that you are lost. Fear starts in your groin and works its way up to your belly and down to your knees. Your heart races. You want to shout for help. Your body trembles and your head whirls. Your breath grows shallow and rapid. Your heart beats quicker. Now after the panic, you will notice that your skin begins to tingle. You become awake and aware. Your senses grow sharp and clear. The sounds, colours, textures, and edges of things become distinct and radiant. You are fully present, and very much in your body. Now thoughts slow down and become crystalline. What will you do? All of a sudden your world has shrunk; here you are …. You don’t know which way is home. It sinks in that you are really lost. Gradually you become aware that everything you can count on now is right here, and you have no guarantee there will ever again be anything else. You find yourself in a radical place of present-centeredness. You are lost to everything you thought was important, old goals are irrelevant, and yet here you are. – Bill Plotkin

In Exodus 3: Moses comes upon the burning bush.

4 And when the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said: ‘Moses, Moses.’ And he said: ‘Here am I.’

5 And He said: ‘Draw not nigh hither; put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.’

Hineini is the Hebrew term for “Here am I.” Hineini is for me one of the most beautiful words in existence. Incorporated in its expression is a profound humbleness, an utter nakedness, a sacred silence, a willing surrender. Here I am now as I am. It is a moment of Holiness when we can stand in the true spirit of Hineini, and indeed “the ground is holy ground.” It is in the “radical place of present-centeredness.“ where we encounter the Holiest of Holies – Eheieh Asher Eheieh – I Shall Be That I Shall Be – I Am what I Am, thus our true Self.

This is what these times are bringing us, a time to find our true values, who we really are, naked and devoid of previous agendas,and goals, open to find new ways of being in this world. once we do that we will realise too that all we do and all we think affects not only ourselves, but our whole environment and all it contains, the womb of our existence. When allow the whirlwind of our thoughts and ideas, the earthquake of our actions, the fire of our emotions to subside we can the truly say Heneini Here I am.

In saying “Here I am,” we reveal ourselves. Someone has been calling us and we answer the call. We reveal ourselves, make ourselves present for whomever has been calling us. In saying “here I am, “ we make ourselves available to relate, to interact. Although it is a profound moment of recognizing the Self, you simultaneously recognize the Other. It is as if in revealing yourself you recognize that you are not an insular being but exist solely because you can relate to the Other, the Beloved. Hineini, Here I am so that I may serve you with my talents and abilities. I have certain unique qualities not to get money and power but to use those qualities to serve the womb of my existence, this planet and all that are present in it. To say “Here I am” means that you no longer only belong to yourself, for you are giving the presence of your being to the one whose call you answered.. To truly say Here I am, means saying that I will try with all of being to be present for you. Is this not the true Hieros Gamos? Two separate beings, fully present serving a shared goal? The double edged sword with one point?

It is one of the great mysteries and mystical experiences that in finding yourself you find the Other, the Beloved, at the same time. It is much like during meditation where you focus your intention and instead of arriving at a singular point the whole opens up. We have come from an era where everyone has been trying to find who and what they are, yet the more individualism has been developed the more a sense of isolation has become prevalent in society, and the more the feeling of being lost has become the norm. It is because we have forgotten to say “Hineini, I am.” I am what I am, because you are what you are. I exist only because you exist. If we are looking for a way ahead in these times, we must realize that the Age of Hieros Gamos is dawning. The era that has been, has led us to search for ourselves as separate individuals, a natural stage in our evolution. However, if we want to enter a new stage of our conscious evolution we must turn to each other and say “Heinini, Here I am” Together, without childish insecure egoistic agendas, let us be truly present for each other and see how we can solve these challenges we face now.

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Silver wings of silence
Enfolds my becoming
Living darkness
Feeling fingertips of consciousness
Touch my awareness,
My heart

I open the dark rainbow wings
Of my silence
A newly emerged butterfly
In the enlivening sunlight
Pulsating its transformed being
Into the veins of its wings

A moment of adjustment,
Silent awe
Before it spreads its wings
Into the unknown wonder of life
Searching for the nectar
Of its purpose

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