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The Dream of Chaotic Transition

Life is a Dream

If you want change, then you must allow for chaos. No change can be completely predictable. There will always be a part of change that will be at the mercy of the fates, because we cannot be aware and conscious of every factor that will be part of what remains in the process of transformation as the chaotic attractor. Complete chaos would mean a complete loss of consciousness or death. We need a body to house the viewpoint of our being. The body of our being will reflect the viewpoint of our being. A being needs a viewpoint to operate within this world. Only with a beingness can we receive an inflow and a outflow. To survive a chaotic situation one would needs to have something familiar to grab on to. Something to hold your identity of self, as without any identity no action would be possible. The physical realm is after all at the jewel of the apex of the triad of action. Action results in something physical manifesting.

Even within our mind/brain action without some limitation no-thing will be the result, as limitlessness, the eternal, implies infinite potential; not yet in manifestation. As soon as something becomes manifested, it will have limitations as it is limitation that defines a form. When something is boundless, it is the potential of becoming. For change to happen a degree of chaos is necessary; a part of something undergoing change must disintegrate from the previous form into the potential to create a new form of becoming. That which had not dissolved into the chaos of becoming – thus formless potential – will serve as the attractor for the new form of becoming.

Strangely there is a feeling of freedom within chaos – the great liberator.

I had a dream in which I had to move. I was completely unprepared for the move although, before the event I thought I was. Until the last moment I had no idea where I would be moving to. Chaos enveloped me. All the known that surrounded me disappeared one by one. With no sleep between days, days just rolled into one with just boxes to mark the passage of time. Will it ever end?

At last the last remnant of my presence was removed from my physical abode and then came the rain. Drenched and exhausted, I stumbled into my new transitionary abode. This home was unfinished. It was a building begun before this present life of mine but left unfinished and uninhabited, waiting. It had no running water but the running water from a stream that nurtured its surrounds. Planks and pieces of wood left waiting for its continued building everywhere, with boxes stacked on top of it. Saw dust and scurrying spiders everywhere.

This house was built with old and new wood that grew on trees from many places. The doors and windows were from houses and buildings demolished long back into the past. There were even doors from a distant island carved with beautiful Arabic patterns and the words “May God bless all who enters here.” It was standing in the middle of a room waiting for a doorway to grace.

In the dream I had another dream. I was back in the house that I left on the last day of moving. I found a room that I had forgotten about. My heart sank; it still has to be packed. I knew the room from dreams I had in many dreams past. It formed a wing to the rest of the house, but it was a room that was never used as it was always found by accident. It was an ancestral room filled with furniture and ornaments from many generations of ancestors. Ancient tapestries and weapons adorned the walls as well as portraits.

I knew that within this unbuilt house resides my future; its structure; a future slowly taking shape. A future built on past forgotten dreams, carved and shaped. Within it was contained dreams not only from my personal self, but also the dreams from past generations and dreams yet unborn in the hearts and minds of future generations. The transition was an abrupt one, as being transferred from one body into another. It takes time to adjust to a new body. To feel how you can move within a new body. Your very thought processes have to adjust to thinking and feeling within a new body to explore the qualities and potentials held within the new body of becoming. Slowly unfolding, a largo in rhythm with a different beat

Often karma is thought of as relating to an individual only. Yet, we are not just an individual self. We carry within the very fiber our being the love, hopes, dreams and desires, as well as the pain, sufferings and disillusionments of past generations within our present selves. We carry within us the potential of the future; the yet unborn hopes, dreams and desires of future generations as well as their pain and suffering. All is one and one is all.

At present humanity is still self-centered; interacting with the larger world through individual isolated pain and desires. Although many may voice the words “All is one” few really know that we are one. Yet, if we are to advance as a whole, as humanity, we must come to know that we are one. We must have Gnosis of our inter relatedness. Then we can truly awaken compassion within us without vital sentiment. It is only when we can operate without vital sentiment that our actions will reflect a higher cause, and benefit all. If we seek enlightenment are we seeking enlightenment purely for ourselves or for all? The Divine impulse is to receive in order to give. Yet, we can only truly seek enlightenment for all when we know that we are not just an individual self.

The spiritual path is all about clearing away blocks, untying karmic knots, and purification of what we think we are. We begin our spiritual journey seeking to still our individual inner longing, but as we clear away the debris of what we think we are, we begin to realize that to advance on the path we must first lose what we thought we were and transfer our consciousness into a “newer home” of being. It is indeed a home that has been coming into being for a very long time. Yet, before we can truly make it our home we must except the chaos of transition.

Within each of us, we progress from paradigm to paradigm in our personal self-evolution. Each stage of this evolution is brought about by a personal crisis, a turning point, a dark night of the soul, a soul encounter. Our personal evolutionary shifts reflect the evolutionary shifts of the greater whole. Within each stage is contained a germ of “betrayal” that will be the wound that causes the Dark Night of transition for our next level of understanding.

Those who do not understand their destiny,
will never understand the friends they have made,
nor the work they have chosen,
nor the one life that waits beyond all others. – David Whyte

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Moving House

This week I will be mostly quiet, as I moving …  

 Your house is your larger body
It grows in the sun and sleep in the stillness of
Night;and it is not dreamless. Does not your house
Dream? And dreaming, leave the city for a grove or hilltop?

 … And though og magnificence and slendour, your house shall not hold your secret not shelter your

For that which is boundless in you abides in the
Mansion of the sky, whose door is the morning mist,
And whose windows are songs and the silences of
Night. – Kahlil Gibran


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