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Human Development – Bill Plotkin

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Human Development-

From the work of Bill Plotkin- Nature and the Human Soul

Stage 1- The Innocent in The Nest- Early ChildhoodTask:
Ego formation and the care of innocence
Gift: Luminous Presence
Center of Gravity- Spirit

Stage 2- The Explorer in the Garden- Middle Childhood
Task- Discovering the natural world and learning cultural ways
Gift- WonderCenter- Family and nature

Stage 3- The Thespian at the Oasis- Early Adolescence
Task- Creating a secure and authentic social self
Gift- Fire
Center- Peer group, sexuality and society

Stage4- The Wonderer in the Cocoon- Adolescence
Task- Leaving home and exploring the mysteries
Gift- Mystery and Darkness
Center- The underworld

Stage 5- The Apprentice at the Wellspring- Early Adult
Task- Learning delivery systems for embodying soul in the culture
Gift- Visionary Action and Inspiration
Center- Cultural Depths

Stage 6- The Artisian in the Wild Orchard- Adulthood
Task- Manifesting innovative delivery systems for soul work
Gift- Seeds of cultural renaissance
Center- Giveaway as art form

Stage 7- The Master in the Grove of Elders- Early Elderhood
Task- Caring for the soul of the more then human community
Gift- Wholeness
Center- Web of Life

Stage 8- The Sage in the Mountain Cave- Late Elderhood
Non- Task- Tending to the Universe
Gift- Grace
Center- Cosmos- Spirit


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