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What’s in a name? The Nexus of …

In response to a question:

“How relevant do you think the naming is to the experiences which we are attracting? Is the naming a process to give us a comprehendible handle on the infinite and unintelligible powers involved? ”

I do believe that naming attracts experience, not because the name in itself has magical properties but because we attach to a name collective beliefs and experiences, which forms a nexus for a particular name, as such, each name evokes in us a certain paradigm of being. Out of infinite possibilities a particular name allows for particular experiences related to the nexus of the name.

What is a nexus?
Nexus – a tie, connecting principle, bond: (Roman Law) a person who had contacted a nexum or obligation of such a kind that, if he failed to pay, his creditor could compel him to serve until the debt was paid.

A nexus then is a tie, a connecting principle to particular name, that draws that which forms the egregore of the name. However it must not be seen in light of inevitable destiny, but rather as a way of freezing patterns so you may learn to read the patterns, understand them, which allows you to transcend your nexus, rather than breaking it down.

To begin with our parents or someone decided to give us a name, for whatever reasons, but really that name was given to us because our birth evoked in the namers a certain image in their minds, reflecting the name given to us. Within the name given to us the namers gave us a nexum to their past experiences. Perhaps an unconscious wish for us to transcend the tie, and to give it a new paradigm.

When you hear a name, it evokes an image in your mind, into your consciousness. The image would be a composite of all the, for example, “Bill” or “Sheila” that you know. A kind of generic “Bill” and “Sheila”. That image gets expanded on as you experience more real life “Bills” and “Sheila s”. You can say that each name comes attached with unique symbols. These would be the parameters that you begin life with, that which takes form in your first seven years of life, and expands through your personal experience.

As we all know only too well, these parameters can become like self-fulling prophesy, if you see yourself ruled by fate, and see only the outside world as causing your experiences. However these parameters, labels can be the very tools for your personal transcendence. Say someone gives you an open ended brief, you can use any medium, any subject, many no issue just come up with something amazing, not seen before. This may sound fantastic, but in reality you can become so confused by the endless possibilities open to you that you never get to do anything, our energies scattered in the vastness of infinity. However when you are given set parameters, your mind is immediately engaged in finding a way out of the limitation imposed on us. Say, what you will, but all human beings are naturally rebel born, with a drive to go beyond where our parents and ancestors had been. If I had to give one characteristic to the reality in which we live on Earth, it would be the Frontier Planet, in which we are the explorers.

As limitation always set up a need, necessity, it activates in us the creative mind, from whence I believe the old saying,”Necessity is the mother of invention” came from. Another example of this would be that say we go and consult an oracle. We go there with a question, an outside source gives us an answer in riddle form. It is well known that the oracles of Classic times never gave straight answers, but rather used analogy, paradox and ambiguity, to stimulate the individual’s imagination in a new direction so that he can, if he is able, perceive his relationship with the outside world in a different way and so change his future. The same way we can use the nexus of our naming to stimulate us creatively which enables us to find our unique path, through which to transcend our limitations.
There is in each one of us a unique set of symbols belonging to our individual consciousness and created by our experience in life. Knowing what those symbols are gives you a very good insight into the personal workings of your psyche,.This set, can be discovered through dreams, recurring incidents and oddly significant events, and shows the patterns by which the self is expressed. They function as a set of inter-related symbols which allows for individual discovery within the framework of the collective. They enable the individual to find and identify himself in terms of the group to whom the symbols are meaningful. These forms the basis of your Nexus, and so also the nexus of your personality. So your personal nexus of symbols can be likened to receiving an oracle and it is up to you to find the meaning of it, to interpret it. This is very clearly illustrated in a the following quote by Marijane Osborn and Stella Longland.

The famous Delphic injunction, ‘Know thyself’ indicates that the key to interpreting the oracular utterances of the Sibyl lay in the degree of self-knowledge developed in the enquirer…The point that we should like to stress, is that the ability to determine the future lies not in the oracle but in the individual, not in the symbols but in the mind that uses them.
The personality can be seen as a bundle of energies which initially respond to, and later determine the world in which the individual lives, and which are created by more or less stable nexus of the personality built up in the past. Self-analysis is an attempt to understand, to perceive the many strands which make up this nexus. Our consciousness can be viewed as a minute and time-bound portion of existence which is attempting to expand into the vast and timeless unknown. A symbol is a frozen reflection of a temporal state, and its meaning changes radically with the perspective of the interpreter. Without developing the ability to perceive the patterns and so foreknow and perhaps forfend, man does not give himself the opportunity either to choose or to escape the gallows (his fate). It is in such options that freedom lies. What is not perceived inside rises up and hits us from outside. As long as we are alive we must balance and counter-balance, sift and analyze the weaving strands of our personal life.
So divination, which originally meant getting in touch with the ‘divus’, or god outside, for information about the unknown world, may be reinterpreted as the state of becoming or being divine, of getting in touch with the god within The inner self which is a double image of the external world.”

Is the naming a process to give us a comprehensible handle on the infinite and unintelligible powers involved?”

Looking at the question in light of the Nexus of our personality and naming, it is a process to give us a handle on the infinite. It is a way of focusing energy. To try and focus on that which is beyond our comprehension, would simply be scattering our energy. Finding the universe in a grain of sand, is for me the perfect symbol of finding the Infinite within yourself.

“For whomever has not known himself, has known nothing, but whoever has known himself has simultaneously achieved knowledge about the depth of all things.” Gnostic

You can reach that which is beyond your comprehension at present, through what you can focus on. The more passionate the interest, the more focused, your whole being will be. It is by transcending our nexus, our bond, not breaking it down, that we bring something worth while to the world. Like flames on distant hill top, an inspiration for others to do the same.


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